CBD Crystals and Suppositories

CBD Suppositories are the most effective way to introduce large quantities of cannabidiol into your body. Due to the unique nature of its application process, suppositories retain the highest levels of bioavailability when compared to other consumption methods. Since a suppository bypasses the liver, you aren’t losing any of the active CBD ingredient. Essentially, you’re getting more bang for your buck when using suppositories.

Holistically speaking, the benefits don’t necessarily change when compared to capsules or tinctures, but the degree to which your body reacts to the increased levels of CBD, will provide a much better experience. Since your body is flooded with a greater amount of cannabidiol, the anti-inflammatory and pain reducing benefits are felt more widely, and last for a longer duration.

When To Use CBD Suppositories

There are many practical CBD suppositories uses, and it depends mostly on what type of pain you’re feeling. Everyone experiences different levels and kinds of pain, so when considering a suppository method, it’s prudent to first analyze your symptoms. Many individuals who have sciatica along their legs, experience lower back issues, or suffer from extreme chronic pains, should definitely consider using these suppositories.

How Are CBD Crystals Involved?

A CBD crystal is nothing more than total purified cannabidiol, harvested and produced in such a way that forms hard crystalline structures. Tasteless and odorless for the most part, these crystals are great for getting a purified dose of CBD without any extra levels of terpenes or THC. Our CBD crystals for sale are extremely versatile, and many people use them to create homemade CBD suppository medication, by either grinding it down into a powder or using it for as a CBD paste.

Try It Yourself

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