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Preserve Your Health. Our CBD Store in AZ Has The Solution

It’s time to take back your health using the highest quality products from our CBD store, AZ-based and here for all of your needs, featuring today’s most innovative hemp-based solutions.

When it comes to CBD, Prescott residents can receive top-quality hemp derivatives from multiple, well-known brands, all hand selected by our qualified team. Searching for “CBD oil for pain near me” can be tricky, since shopping CBD in typical brick and mortar locations is complicated by varying state laws, and there is no coaching or assistance available. However, our location provides easy access for customers. Those trying to alleviate pain from health issues or want to supplement their diets can purchase certified organic CBD oil and edibles from top-industry brands with proven reliability. Several of our CBD companies boast the US Hemp Authority certification to ensure you’ll be consuming top rated cannabidiol.

At My Health Etc, customers get access to CBD hemp oil from companies like +PlusCBD, Medterra, Endoca, RSHO HempMeds, and Pet Releaf. We also provide the convenient option to browse and shop cbd online, with a wide selection of industry trusted brands that offer some of the best cbd oil for pain, anxiety, or stress. When we started our mission to improve the health of this country, we made a choice to only provide products that are U.S. hemp certified and offer new alternative, organic methods in aiding chronic pains and other health issues.

If you’re looking for where to buy CBD oil in Prescott, AZ, come browse our store and find your perfect product. We offer free delivery for our local customers, and have a drive-thru available. Check out our retailer located on West Thumb Butte Road and get healthy now!


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What Our Customers Are Saying


Game changer

Posted by Darcy

I was skeptical of using CBD but I heard that it can help with my training for a marathon. I have seen a huge difference in just about every area. I can train harder and recover faster. I sleep better. The best news is that I have had essential tremors all my life. I could never fill a glass fully. They have lessened immensely. Love this! Wish I would have tried it sooner.

Life Saver!!


This product changed my dogs life! At age 2 he had 3 ACL surgeries (2 on the same leg within a month, then the following month the other leg). Now at 7 years old he has extremely bad arthritis. We've tried the Adequan injections which I saw no improvement. Then we tried Galliprant, only after a few months to have bleeding from his butt. Ready to give up, I read about the CBD oil and decided to try it- what have I got to lose! OMG! Night and Day difference! He has so much more energy (and more appetite). Even my neighbor who helps take car of our dogs asked if we were giving him something because he noticed how happier and more playful he had become. Thank goodness for this product- it will definitely add years to his life! HIGHLY recommended! I tried the 1700 and the Liposomes 1000. I prefer the liposomes as you can mix in food and don't have to worry about when he has eaten. By the way I have a 110lb German Shepherd....

Helps my epileptic cat!

Posted by Jenn

My poor six-year-old cat started having seizures 6 months ago. She has a vet neurologist and she recommends Pet Releaf products. I started Scarlet on pet releaf 700 0.5cc twice daily, in addition to her phenobarbital and zonisamide and within 2 days I noticed a major positive change in Scarlet's attitude and less frequent seizures. She has been on CBD oil for 4 months now and she is still doing well.

Finally some sleep!

Posted by Laurie

This product was recommended to help with my insomnia. I was told that I could cut the tablet in half and try it like that at first. I was skeptical because nothing has helped me in the past but decided to purchase since I really like my other CBD products from My health etc. Well today I purchased my second bottle and am so happy with the results! Not only do I sleep through the night, I never even take a whole tablet! Just half a tablet does the trick so the bottle lasts me two months! Amazing!

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