Organic Health: Places Where You Can Buy CBD Oil

organic health

CBD oil is one of the most popular advancements in modern organic health. Among natural health products, CBD has been heralded for its extensive range of uses and low risk of side effects. But if you’re just starting to consider using it, you’re probably wondering where you can even go about purchasing it.

With the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD and industrialized hemp were legalized across the entire United States. This is great news for consumers since it means that not only is CBD becoming more accessible and affordable, but there is an increasing amount of government oversight in terms of how it is produced and marketed (something that not all organic health products online offer).

So where can you buy CBD oil? You have a few options.

The Internet

It’s never been easier to buy organic supplements online, and that includes CBD oil. At My Health Etc., we sell a carefully formulated collection of high-quality CBD products and organic beauty products infused with CBD. All of our products are non-GMO and free of pesticides and herbicides (learn more about our products and our process here).

When buying CBD oil online from My Health Etc., you’ll get products supported by extensive research and testing to provide the safest options for consumers. Ensure you never purchase CBD oil—or any other supplement or natural beauty product—from an online retailer that does not prioritize quality and safety above all else. At My Health, we’re committed to your safety first so you don’t have to worry about the origin of our products. 

Natural Food Stores

Many specialty natural food stores are starting to offer hemp seed oil as part of their inventory. You probably won’t find pain-relieving CBD products at a store like Whole Foods or Publix (yet), but you can still find them at smaller brick-and-mortar shops like My Health. Our store is staffed by those with a full understanding of CBD and will help you find the best suited product for your needs.

Cannabis Dispensaries

Dispensaries aren’t only selling THC-based cannabis products, many of them also offer an equally impressive inventory of CBD products. However, you should be careful with using dispensaries as staff members may not be well-versed in the specific benefits and effects of CBD. Also, obtaining access to a dispensary can be costly considering the prices of medical cannabis cards. It’s probably a better bet to stick with CBD-specialized stores like My Health, who can provide more knowledge, personal care, and lower prices.

Learn more about CBD

We are always happy to help you when it comes to CBD. Natural health is part and parcel of what we do here at My Health Etc., and that includes acting as a resource for you as you discover your best path to wellness. Contact Us today to learn more about CBD and its benefits!