What is Hemp?

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What is Hemp? A Quick Explainer from Your Top CBD Hemp Store Near Me

As a leading result for “CBD hemp store near me,” we take pride in our ability to answer all of our customers’ questions, including: what is hemp? We have heard the term “hemp” for many years. It has been used to create clothing, jewelry, accessories, oils, and even paper substitutes, among other things. Even though we are familiar with hemp, do we really understand what hemp is and what is CBD? Many of us confuse hemp with marijuana, and do not know the difference between the two, let alone the hemp oil benefits. Furthermore, we confuse the two to the point that we think both are illegal and create preconceived notions on a myth. Hemp and marijuana, while derived from the same origins, are different in many ways. Since we are focused on the healing benefits of the cannabis family, it is important to know what hemp is and how it is different from marijuana.

Hemp by Definition

Hemp comes from the same family of Cannabis, both being part of the cannabis sativa plant. However, hemp and marijuana are two separate plants. Hemp plants are tall, strong, and very durable, almost like bamboo and do not have the ability to get you high. Marijuana plants are short, stocky, and induce a “high” when smoked. The hemp part of the plant contains only trace amount of THC and is grown for industrial purposes only, keeping less than .3% of the THC of the plant. This is the part from in which we derive oils, ointments, fibers, and other industrial products to create hemp products for the free trade market. Hemp is a strong substance that has been used to make many items including, but not limited to, clothing, paper, shoes, accessories, lotions and ointments, animal toys and bedding, automobiles, biofuel, homes, and office supplies, to name a few. As you can see, hemp is quite durable and has plenty of uses for everyday life. As a matter of fact, hemp is universal and its fibers can be used to create just about any type of product. As part of its process, making products from hemp is better for the environment and releases less toxic chemicals back into the atmosphere. This is why it is often preferred by many environmental advocates within the industrial community and throughout the world. It is also why so much of the industrial community fights against the use of hemp, causing the US prohibition of hemp for over seventy years, at least through 2014. Hemp is less expensive than the typical fibers and products we use today, and would cost many industrial production companies a lot of money in proceeds if hemp was completely legalized and part of the norm of society.

The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

While hemp and marijuana are the same plant (part of the cannabis sativa plant), and both contain some THC (hemp only has trace amounts), there are some differences between them. The real difference between hemp and marijuana are how they’re bred. Marijuana is grown to be potent with THC, which is found in the plant’s resinous glands (or trichomes). Hemp, on the other hand, contains only a very small amount of THC and is properly bred to ensure this. 1973, Ernest Small, a Canadian scientist, concluded that while there is no natural point of separation between marijuana and hemp, an arbitrary line needed to be drawn at .3%. Any part of the cannabis plant that contained less than .3% of THC would be considered hemp, while any part containing more than .3% would be considered marijuana. As a result of this difference, hemp can be used more for health benefits as well as production and industry, whereas marijuana and THC are used for medicinal and other types of purposes. Moreover, hemp is now legal to grow and harvest, whereas marijuana and marijuana oil is not federally legal in the Unites States and many other countries throughout the world.


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The Benefits of Using the Hemp Plant

Hemp is a durable substance that can be very beneficial to the environment and the people who utilize it. As mentioned above, many products can be made from hemp. To break it down even further, hemp has three pieces that can be used in very different


 First, there is hemp seed. Hemp seed is used for food products, such as beer, flour, non-dairy milk, and oils. While hemp seed is not the seed with the medicinal qualities, it does have variety of health benefits. Chewing raw hemp seed is a great way for the body to get omega 3 fatty acids, and can be a wonderful resource to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and even help the user lose weight and build up their immune system. Hemp seeds are full of antioxidants and vitamins that the body needs and are a healthy option for people of all ages.

What Is Hemp Oil Good For

What is Hemp Oil Good For?

Hemp oil is another valuable asset from the hemp plant. Hemp oils are useful for cooking, health and beauty products, fuel, and cleaning products for your home. You can even use hemp oil to create paint. Hemp can be a cleaning alternative to the chemicals used for many of these household products, which protects the environment, as well as keeping the products natural which is less toxic to you and your family. Furthermore, due to omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients, when using it for health and beauty products, hemp oil leaves its users feeling healthier and looking healthier as well.

Finally, hemp fiber is a great resource to make just about anything. Whether you are looking for fabric, household carpeting, paneling and insulation, paper, or even automotive parts, hemp fiber is a strong, reliable resource that can be molded into anything you may need. The benefit, again, to using hemp fiber over other resources is the process is much cleaner for the environment and the fibers themselves are quite strong. How many other substances in the world can be so versatile as to be used to make clothing as well as automobiles and everything in between?

Overall, making anything from hemp will use less energy and less harmful chemicals than the process used to make these products from the traditional processing of materials. Hemp is extremely pliable and does not have as many harmful byproducts as other industrial materials.

Is Hemp Legal in Arizona and the U.S.?

When it comes to hemp CBD, Arizona has been at the forefront of making hemp CBD safe and accessible for its citizens. The legality of hemp is often debated. The truth is, hemp is legal as long as it contains less than .3% THC, or according to the American definition, “no harmful additives unless otherwise specified.” That being said, while hemp is legal, it was illegal to grow it in the United States until 2014, when the US passed the Industrial Hemp Act. Once hemp became legal, it changed how the plant was viewed in the industrial world. Now, more than ever, products are being made from hemp, including the first hemp sports car made (as a concept car) by the manufacturer, Lotus.

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding the use of hemp. When Adidas released their hemp shoe, the industry and government were up in arms, checking to make sure no laws or rules were violated in its production. Much of the fabric industry was angered that such a large, well known company was looking for alternative, eco-friendly resources to make its shoes. It is still difficult to find hemp products, such as oils, food products, and even clothing, although it is becoming more commonplace if you do your research. Our cars are still not equipped to function on hemp fuels, though the body of the cars can be made using hemp fiber. That being said, it is, for all intents and purposes, legal to grow, sell, and possess hemp products.


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