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Learn About CBD and How It Can Help You

Don’t fall for the misinformed articles or baseless claims, learn about CBD right now and help invalidate the cloud of
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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, otherwise more commonly known as CBD, is a chemical compound extracted from the leaves and stalks of hemp plants. Heralded for its ability to dull pain related to inflammation, anxiety, or bodily aches, CBD, and its related cousin hemp oil, are both non-psychoactive substances that are often found in dietary supplements, beauty lines, and other mainstream products.

Unfortunately, because of archaic DEA regulations and its loose association with the similar-looking cannabis plant, CBD is seldom understood fully, and is typically steamrolled into the conglomeration of other illegal drugs. This couldn’t be more incorrect!


CBD Terpenes


How Does CBD Actually Help People?

Legal in all states since 2012, CBD benefits are slowly, but surely, being better recognized, legitimized, and implemented in the field of pain reduction. Since the compound has not been FDA approved as a suitable disease treatment method, it’s difficult to assert medical claims. However, there are many properties found within CBD, such as neuroprotective agents, anti-tumoral traits, and antioxidative powers, that commonly fight against symptoms of general body pains, anxiety, and inflammation.

Bolstering the benefits of CBD, are terpenoid compounds. Terpenes are incredibly potent aromatic molecules that are responsible for giving the flower its pungent smell, staving off animal grazers, and preventing the growth of harmful fungus.  Now, recent studies have shown that terpenes benefits can imbue positive health changes within CBD users. Many official studies have shown that terpenes can create synergistic solutions in tandem with other treatment methods to combat symptoms of:

1. General Pain

2. Inflammation

3. Depression

4. Anxiety

5. Addiction

6. Epilepsy

7. Cancer

8. Fungal/Bacterial Infection


Raw Hemp Oil vs Non-Raw Hemp Oil

Raw hemp oil refers to the extracted oil compound CBD, before the substance undergoes our decarboxylation process. Essentially, the raw form of hemp oil, better known as CBDa, is the precursor acid grown within hemp plants that is fully “activated” into CBD during later stages. During decarboxylation, cannabidiol is heated, aged, and cured as a way to alter the structural integrity of the CBD molecule in a way that will release the compound’s health benefits.

However, CBDa still has much to offer in its raw state. Since CBD has been changing the way medical professionals treat the hemp plant, many studies tend to overlook the possible advantages of using this raw hemp extract. CBD can receive enhanced properties when combined with its raw precursor, helping treat symptoms related to:

1. Antibacterial: Studies have determined that high levels of CBDa within plants leads to greater antimicrobial potency

2. Anti-Nausea: A recent study has suggested that CBDa would be a much better candidate over THC to treat vomiting and nausea

3. Cancer: Certain reviews have shown that CBDa has reacted positively in managing the migration of breast cancer cells



Start Treating Your Symptoms Now

We understand that CBD is an extremely complicated industry. Since its relatively young in this country, market and product unknowns are still rampant, resulting in the spread of inaccurate information and faulty business practices. Industry jargon like CBD, terpenes, oil, and hemp can deter potential customers. At My Health Etc, we strive to provide quality CBD products for a wide range of applications, with the correct knowledge on how to use them and how they affect your body. Head over to our products page now, and start browsing for your perfect oil today!


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