Why Is CBD Not Working For Me

Why Is CBD Not Working For Me

Why Is CBD Not Working For Me?

Ever wondered why is CBD not working for me? If you’ve ever taken cannabidiol before, or know someone who has, chances are that you’ve also heard a person or two disparage its ability to provide effective relief. While it’s benefits to relieve a host of symptoms are widely accepted, CBD isn’t supposed to be a miracle solution, and like other medications, it won’t always be effective for each user.

There are many reasons why you might feel no effect from CBD oil, including genetic factors, brand & dosage, tolerance levels, and something known as the Entourage Effect. Each can play a role in how well your body receives and processes CBD. We’ll explain how all these factors can contribute in more detail, below.

1.Genetics/Biology: CBD’s effectiveness is dependent upon how your body interacts with it. Nearly a fifth of Americans possess a genetic mutation that increases natural endocannabinoid levels. If an individual has this mutation, then they are less likely to feel any added benefit of taking CBD since their natural levels are already so high. Additionally, some people react and absorb medication differently, meaning some may require a lower dosage if they are more sensitive. Certain hormones, like estrogen, can also cause CBD to be metabolized much faster in women.

2.Brand & Dosage: Make sure you’re only consuming the best! Since the CBD market is still relatively unregulated, there are many brands selling oils that are far below the quality needed to effectively treat pain. Make sure you are only purchasing products from manufacturers and vendors that openly provide third party lab testing results. This will ensure that you are getting high-quality CBD. We carry only Organic, non-GMO, Triple lab tested, CO2 extracted (no chemicals involved) oil that is made in a pharmaceutical grade facility. Call our customer care service anytime for more information. Regarding dosage, we recommend the up-titration method that involves slowly increasing the dosage amount until the optimal level of relief is achieved.

3.Tolerance Levels: Similar to alcohol, the body can build up tolerances to CBD, especially if you are predisposed to genetic factors. To lessen a tolerance level, simply reduce CBD usage (if applicable) for a couple weeks before your next dose. This should give the body enough time to “restore” disorder and react to the CBD better. You may also benefit from eliminating CBD completely for a few days before starting back up again. This can help you in consuming less per dosage.

4.The Entourage Effect: Studies have indicated that CBD actually works much better when used in conjunction with other “full-spectrum” cannabinoid compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. While CBD can still be effective on its own, fortifying the dose with other natural ECS components can help boost the efficacy of CBD.

Find Your Solution At My Health Etc.

If you keep telling yourself “CBD didn’t work for me” then consider the above factors as contributing possibilities regarding your lack of pain relief. It’s important to stick with a program that works for you considering that CBD affects people differently. Some users will feel results very quickly, and others may need to wait some time.

At My Health, you can choose from a full selection of products that can help combat your intolerances and get your body feeling the relief it needs. Our products come from top-trusted manufacturers and are certified third party tested to ensure their high-quality. Please consult dosing charts as well! We typically recommend starting low and then slightly increasing the amount until your are satisfied with the results.