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How to Take CBD Oil and When

How to Take CBD Oil and When

Jun 13th 2022

First-time buyers of CBD will undoubtedly have many questions, chief among them: what time of day should I take CBD oil? Regardless of your reason for using it, there is a standard procedure that tends to provide individuals with more consistent results among CBD’s variety of benefits. Let’s take a look at what that regimen is, why it works, and what benefits you can expect from doing so.

The Best Time to Take CBD

In past years, it could be difficult to answer the question, when should I take CBD oil? However, recent developments and further research have indicated a dosage regimen that works best to bring about the desired benefits. This regimen denotes that the best time to take CBD is three times a day, every day—once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and one more time at night. Recent insights have taught us that if you take CBD three times a day in these increments, then CBD levels do not go down, they stay level, and help our body with inflammation, mood, and other ailments on a continuous level.

Many people only take CBD when symptoms or pains arise, but fail to continue the pattern regularly. Research shows that this strategy fails to provide all of the benefits, if any, that come from cannabidiol. Instead, consistency is key in achieving the desired results.

When Should I Take CBD Oil, Morning or Night?

Even with the affirmation that taking CBD three times a day is the most beneficial, there are still other factors to consider when doing so. For instance, it’s recommended to take CBD either first thing in the morning after waking up, or directly after breakfast, which will help keep the CBD in your system longer and provide lasting results. Taking CBD in the AM can boost cognitive thinking, give you energy, and bring forth less aches or pains throughout the day.

In the afternoon, it’s best to take it again at lunch. Not only does this help incorporate the intake consistently into your schedule, but it once again helps produce longer lasting benefits if taken after eating. For those who may need extra CBD incorporated into their regimen, the afternoon is the best time to do this - whether it’s to give an extra boost of energy for the day’s finale, or for a calming moment during a long and busy day at work.

The best time to take CBD at night depends on what you use it for. If pain or inflammation management is desired, then taking your CBD at dinner is optimal. If you use CBD to help you sleep, it’s recommended to be taken about a half hour before bed. 

Best Types of CBD To Take

Beyond knowing when the best time to take CBD is, it can also be beneficial for many to know what forms of CBD work best during each time of day. In the morning, oil concentrates, drops, and gummies are all viable forms of intake to ensure results throughout the day. In the afternoon, a Stay Alert gummy can help with energy levels, while a calming gummy can bring forth relaxation going into the late afternoon and night. Before bed, especially if you’re using CBD for sleep purposes, drops and gummies work greatly in this scenario. If pain management is your desired goal, then balms and topicals are a good way to go.

Dosage Levels

Every person has a different sweet spot when it comes to dosage levels for CBD. For this reason, it’s always advised to start slow, and listen to your body as you incorporate it into your daily routine. Starting with a small dose, and following what’s known as an uptitration method, will allow you to familiarize yourself with what dosage level works best for your desired goals, without going overboard. Taking too much CBD is common, and you should consider lowering your dosage levels if you feel any of these symptoms for a day or more:

  • Unusually tired, wiped out
  • Overly grouchy, edgey
  • Knot or upset stomach

While these side effects don’t last very long, it’s important to know when they arise, so you can lower your dosage levels and feel the benefits you desire. CBD may also sometimes interact with various medications. It’s important to be aware of these, so you can get a better idea if your dosage levels are right for you.

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