Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD

With water soluble CBD products, the bioavailability of cannabidiol is greatly increased once it interacts with your body. You’ve probably heard of the classic saying, “water and oil don’t mix.” Well, since the human body is comprised of more than 60% water, the effectiveness of CBD oil is drastically diminished because it simply cannot not fully absorb into the bloodstream.   

With the popularity of CBD increasing every year, many water soluble CBD oil brands---including Elixinol---have started producing innovative solutions to help increase the overall absorption rates and effectiveness.

Water Soluble CBD vs. Oil

Even though tinctures administered sublingually (under the tongue) have better absorption rates than edibles, you’re still losing out on much of CBD’s benefits.

Traditional oil has reportedly delivered as little as 4% of bioavailability, and many users of water soluble alternatives claim this number can be easily tripled. The water soluble CBD oil is created through the use of nanotechnology and surfactants, which work together to break down CBD molecules into more absorbable particles and reduce the surface tension of the liquid into which they are mixed.

Below you can find some of the best products including water soluble packets with flavors like cocoa, citrus, and berry that help regulate sleep, boost of energy levels, or jumpstart your morning!