The Side Effects of CBD Oil

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Wondering about the side effects of CBD oil? “Does CBD have side effects?” is a question that we get asked a lot, so you have come to the right place.

There is a lot that we have yet to understand about CBD, and that includes the extent of its side effects. What early research has shown, however, is that any side effects of CBD hemp oil tend to be mild and manageable, without any serious consequences for an individual’s physical, mental, or psychological well-being.

The possible side effects of CBD as we currently understand them include:

Changes in mood or appetite

Drowsiness or lightheadedness

Dry mouth



Lowered blood pressure

Side effects may be amplified depending on the type of CBD product that you consume. For example, products with higher concentrations of CBD oil in them will generally produce more obvious side effects, though again, they tend to be quite mild in comparison to side effects from other substances.

How to safely ingest CBD

It is never possible to completely avoid all side effects when you consume a substance, and that includes CBD. Start with a smaller dosage than you think you might need and work up from there, instead of starting with too much and then needing to limit it. Finding the proper dosage for your body is key in limiting side effects and ensuring that your experience with CBD is as positive and therapeutic as possible.

If you do experience any uncomfortable side effects from CBD, reduce your dosage directly or switch to an alternate CBD tincture or other product that already has a lower dose. 

Consuming CBD oil through pre-dosed products like edibles, softgels and capsules can help take the guesswork out of dosing. 

Using CBD Oil Responsibly

Whether you experience side effects or not, it is always important to use CBD oil responsibly. At My Health Etc., we recommend that all consumers stay informed, researching companies before purchasing CBD from them and only using products that have undergone quality testing. In the same vein, we encourage consumers to only use trusted products and not to consume CBD products with a combination of other substances in them

CBD can change your life for the better. If you are concerned about CBD’s side effects, work with a trained professional to figure out a dosage that works for your body and your goals. There are an incredible amount of benefits to CBD—you just have to determine what works for you.