What Is CBD Oil & Research

What is CBD oil? New data is consistently being released regarding the benefits and uses of CBD oil to battle various types of health issues. Now, more than ever, new studies are being conducted regarding the benefits of CBD oils, so much so that it almost makes it difficult to keep up with the new data flowing out into the datasphere. CBD is becoming one of the fastest growing industries that rival the larger pharmaceutical companies by helping people of all ages achieve health and wellness with little to no side effects.


New Discoveries About CBD

Did you know there have been many recent studies involving CBD? For instance, one new discovery is that CBD may actually aid in preventing degenerative disc disease. Another study shows the benefits of CBD oil for issues such as multiple sclerosis and other central nervous system inflammatory diseases. One particularly exciting new discovery is the correlation between CBD oil and lung cancer. According to the newest studies, the CBD oil treatments help the lung cancer cells become broken down by LAK cells helping kill the cancer cells throughout the body.


Another interesting study show the link between CBD and treatment-resistant epilepsy. This study was actually conducted by a United Kingdom pharmaceutical company using epidotes, a high-CBD cannabis drug. This small trial of only twenty-seven epilepsy patients, ages ten to twenty-six years old, participated in an uncontrolled trial for twelve weeks at two different United States hospitals. The clinical effects of the trial varied but many of these individuals experienced anywhere from a 40% to 50% (sometimes more) reduction in the frequency of the seizures the typically experienced.


The list of new discoveries goes on for mile. Some new discoveries include aid for mental health disorders, including addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia. It helps for high grade gliomas (or brain cancers), and even help for issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Every day, a new ailment seems to be in the testing phases of treatment through CBD oils.


CBD Side Effects

With every treatment, there is always going to be a discussion regarding its side effects. As our body chemistry and genetics are different from our neighbor’s, everything contains potential side effects. However, the potential side effects of CBD oil are not nearly as drastic as some of the side effects of pharmaceuticals for some of these critical ailments. As a matter of fact, CBD has very mild, if any, side effects. The only true side effects are that CBD has been shown to cause fatigue in some users, albeit not debilitating fatigue. It also may react with certain prescription pharmaceuticals, causing adverse side effects, such as a decrease in the activity of p-glycoprotein, which may affect how pharmaceuticals move and are absorbed in the human body.


While fatigue may be the most common of the potential side effects, there are reports of some CBD users having dry-mouth. In patients with Parkinson’s disease, some users report an increase in tremors and muscle movements if they are on an extremely high dosage of CDB oil, but this is also a fairly rare occurrence. Women who are pregnant or nursing should stay away from CBD treatments. This is not because there are any known side effects, but because there has not been enough research to rule out any potential harmful effects on the baby during pregnancy. Beyond this one issue and the small side effects, CBD oil is virtually harmless to anyone using it in the proper manner.


CBD Oil and Seizures


As discussed above, there have been numerous studies conducted relating to the use of CBD oil and neurological conditions. As early as the 1970s, CBD was shown to actually help reduce convulsions in animals. As this method gradually became more accepted by the medical and government communities, the creation of Epidiolex was underway, resulting in the first government sanctioned trial of CBD on patients with epilepsy. The CBD based treatment was created by GW Pharmaceuticals, a United Kingdom pharmaceutical company, and tested on twenty-seven patients in the United States, ranging in ages from ten to twenty-six years old. The results showed that while this was not a cure, it did help reduce seizures in most of the patients by a significant amount. While the drug is still unavailable, more and more tests are being conducted to make this a reality. As you can see, this is a large breakthrough in the realm of CBD oil as well as for those patients suffering from Epilepsy and seizure activities.


CBD Oil and Migraines


Anyone who has ever suffered from a migraine disorder knows that this is not just a headache. It is a debilitating ailment that causes the entire body to shut down, as the pain is just unbearable. The causes the sufferer to vomit, have vertigo, insomnia, and be in an overall debilitated state for an extended period of time, even days at a time. Depending on the migraine disorder, sufferers can be triggered by almost anything and do not always feel them coming on until it is too late.


CBD hemp oil has been shown to help migraine sufferers feel relief almost immediately. A study done at the University of California actually showed that the activation of cannabinoid receptors in the brain may help suppress or modulate the pain signals caused by a migraine. As opposed to the pharmaceutical answer that migraines effect serotonin reactors, this study showed that migraines were affected by the cannabinoid receptors combined with the serotonin receptors, and when both were treated, relief could be found.


CBD Oil and Depression


Depression takes on many different forms. It can lead to anxiety, chronic sadness, and even suicidal thoughts, among other issues. True depression is a mood-altering disorder that leaves the sufferer in a constant state of sadness and despair, even in the happiest times. CBD oil has been shown to help these sufferers out of their state of despair. As opposed to THC and THC oil, there is little to no worry of mood altering side effects that would lead to a deeper depression or experience withdrawal symptoms. However, the CBD oil can connect with the cannabinoid receptors to actually aid the parts of the brain that handle emotions to cope with the stresses and issues that can lead to depression.