Endoca Hemp Oil CBD Suppositories Total 500mg CBD

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Endoca CBD Suppositories 500mg CBD Rectal/Vaginal Ovules

Includes: 10 suppositories with 50mg of CBD each.


Organic Raw Cannabis Sativa Extract, Coconut oil
Suppositories should be stored in the fridge before use.

Are you having trouble taking CBD Tinctures, Capsules or edibles?  We may have an alternative way for you to get your relief your looking for.

CBD Suppositories are a powerhouse full of Whole-plant organic Hemp. It is one of the most effective ways for CBD to be absorbed. Oral administration is not always available for those who cannot swallow, are vomiting, have gastrointestinal issues, or restrictions required before or after surgery, even Jaw or throat injuries.

Rectal/Vaginal application makes it possible for a greater ratio of CBD to reach the blood stream at a much faster rate. Approximately 10-15 minutes on average.
 This is an exceptional addition to both new and pre-existing therapeutic regimens.

May last 4-8 hours depending on the individual.

The main advantage of suppositories is an increased bioavailabiltiy, by passing the gastrointestinal tract and first-pass metabolism in the liver, therefore much higher concentration of CBD.