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Vape Oils & Kits

CBD vape oils are often a preferred way of taking cannabidiol due to its universal convenience and easy storage options. Vape oil itself is nothing more than typical CBD oil, just canistered within a CBD oil vape cartridge that allows the substance to be vaporized for inhalation. This means that “burning” does not occur, and thereby produces a vapor that has significantly less carcinogens compared to smoke. 

CBD Vape Oil Effects
While reviews and some research has shown vaping CBD oil is a less effective way to administer cannabidiol, there are some advantages to this method. Most notably, the convenience a vape pen provides cannot be replicated by any other mainstream CBD consumption method. The pen itself fits comfortably inside any pocket, and when using it, the vapor produces no foul smell or odor. Additionally, vaporized CBD will not alter your mind in any capacity, nor will you feel paranoid, experience cottonmouth, or suffer from red eyes. 

The Best CBD Vape Oils Collection
Our collection of vape oils come from a few different industry-trusted brand names, and we provide a good selection of various flavors, too. Choose from
mint and citrus flavors, Browse them today, and medicate on-the-go!

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