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High Quality Organic Hemp CBD Oil Near You

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Vape Oils & Kits

Take in a deep breath, unwind, and nourish your body. CBD vape oils are often a preferred way of taking cannabidiol due to its universal convenience and easy storage options. The pen fits comfortably inside your pocket, backpack, purse and even your golf bag. The vapor produces no foul smell or odor. Vape oil itself is nothing more than all natural CBD oil, just canistered within a CBD oil vape cartridge that allows the substance to be vaporized for inhalation. When you inhale the CBD goes straight into your lungs, for a quick absorption where it can pass into your blood without being broken down. As A result, more bioavailable and 56% of the CBD is transported through out your body. Also, vaping starts working within 10-20 minutes.

Our CBD vape Kits include a small case, USB, 1-disposable vape cartridge 250mg CBD and battery. You can choose from Citrus or Mint both are mild and THC Free. Zero PG or VG. All Natural, crafted in small batches using hemp-derived cannabinoids, natural plant terpenes and
fractionated coconut oil. No artificial flavors just 100% natural terpenes.

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