CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD Oil For Anxiety

More and more people are starting to use CBD oil for anxiety treatment. Cannabidiol has been known to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and relieve the stress one might feel when experiencing a panic attack.

Currently, anxiety is listed as the most common mental health concern in the United States, with nearly 30% of adults suffering from this ailment. Even more concerning is that this same problem affects an estimated 25% of teenagers and preteens, too. That’s a quarter of both populations, a staggering figure for a country with such a large population.

There’s a reason that CBD is starting to be used more often as an anxiety calmer. Most commonly prescribed medications come with a list of side effects, can take up to 5 or 6 weeks to affect the user, and don’t always work for certain individuals.

How Does CBD Help?

First and foremost, cannabidiol is an immunomodulator, meaning it has a homeostatic, regulatory effect on the immune response system. By indirecting interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the bloodstream is saturated with molecules that help better transfer pain signals communicated between the brain and the body. This essentially fights the symptoms of inflammation.

Recent studies have indicated that anxiety is oftentimes caused by abnormal brain activity fueled by some source of inflammation. An entire field of research is dedicated to understanding this relationship, and these researchers have also discovered indications that CBD helps decrease amygdala activity, and increase prefrontal cortex activation. Both these actions are associated with reduced levels of anxiety.

Is CBD Safe For Your Children?

Seeking out CBD treatment for anxiety among children and teenagers is safe, but it helps to research the oil you’ll be using. As previously mentioned, younger generations are suffering from anxiety in rising numbers. Look at these figures below to get a better understanding:

  • 12% of millennials have a diagnosed anxiety disorder

  • 30% of working millennials are classified with general anxiety

  • 60% of college students report anxiety-related symptoms

It’s clear there is an issue with pressure and stress, which leads to anxiety-related thoughts, feelings, and actions. So far, CBD is believed to be safe for teenagers and preteens, but you should be aware of your state’s usage/purchasing laws and from where the CBD was obtained. Law dictates it must be hemp-derived, so always check the labeling before making any purchase.

Determining the correct CBD anxiety dose can be tricky, but it’s good to start low, and then slightly increase if needed over the course of the next couple of days or months. For younger children, it’s better to perhaps use it with edibles or beverages.

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