Why Tiger Woods Chewing Gum Has Put CBD Back in the Spotlight

Have you seen the pictures of Tiger Woods chewing gum on the golf course? The celebrated golfer, who took home his 15th major title when he won the Masters Tournament back in April, has been spotted more than once chewing gum during the course of a game. And while Woods says he does it to keep his appetite down while he’s hard at work, his gum habit has put the spotlight on a big trend: athletes, including golfers, chewing gum with CBD to ease their nerves and boost their performance.

Back in 2018, Golf Digest covered the burgeoning trend, noting that CBD won’t get golfers in trouble on their tours because it doesn’t contain THC—the active compound in marijuana that produces the feeling of being “high”—and it doesn’t show up in drug tests. The magazine went on to note that some professional golfers have teamed up with CBD companies to market their products, such as Champions Tour player Scott McCarron, an endorser for Functional Remedies.

So what makes CBD chewing gum such a hot commodity for golfers? It comes down to a few big benefits that can make a whole lot of difference on the course.

It’s relaxing. Golfers, especially professional ones, have to master their nerves before they can master the sport. High expectations and on-site distractions can all take a player out of his or her head and make it much more difficult to focus on the game at hand. CBD helps because it calms nerves, easing a bit of the inherent stress of the sport and making it easier to concentrate.

It reduces inflammation. Golf is a lot more physical than it looks, and it can wreak havoc on the joints—particularly those in the shoulders and knees. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, meaning that golfers can reduce their recovery times and get back into the swing of things much sooner.

It improves sleep. Okay, so this CBD benefit doesn’t help so much during active game play, but off the course CBD gum helps golfers get a good night’s rest. That’s a big necessity if they want to be at their be at peak performance the next day.

It’s not just golfers that are finding CBD gum to be a major advantage. Other athletes, including runners, weight lifters, and tennis players, as well as non-professional weekend warriors, are using CBD for the same performance-boosting reasons as above without having to worry about side effects or disqualifications.

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