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What Are CBD Terpenes?

What Are CBD Terpenes?

Aug 19th 2019

What are CBD terpenes? Discover how these chemical compounds play a role in how cannabidiol interacts with our bodies.

Terpenes are the organic chemical compounds that give plants and fruits their aromas. You’ll find naturally occurring terpenes in everything from basil plants to black pepper. While these compounds can be sold as an individual additive, many terpenes actually occur naturally within CBD, and can help boost pain relieving qualities.

The utility of terpenes stretches far beyond their smells. Consider essential oils, which rely on terpenes for not just their pleasant aroma but for the bulk of their therapeutic properties. These highly concentrated compounds send messages directly to the brain, resulting in improved moods, reduced stress, and other sought after benefits.

Terpenes in CBD operate similarly, in that they correspond with the brain to achieve a certain desired effect. And for those who already enjoy the benefits of CBD, terpenes can take the experience even further, with benefits to the taste—and effectiveness—of the CBD product.

List of Terpenes

List Of Terpenes

The list of terpenes is long, especially when you’re considering the numerous hemp and cannabis additives. Below, we’ve compiled some of the top naturally occurring terpenes and how their effects can benefit a CBD user.


Aroma: Pine

Benefits: Used to reduce inflammation and improve air flow throughout the respiratory system. Also beneficial as a local antiseptic.


Aroma: Citrus

Benefits: Used as a mood enhancer. Also beneficial as a heartburn reliever and for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties.


Aroma: Lavender

Benefits: Used as a natural relaxant. Also has anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.


Aroma: Basil

Benefits: Used to suppress hunger, as well as for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-tumoral properties.


Aroma: Wood, smoke

Benefits: Used to promote better sleep.


Aroma: Spice, clove

Benefits: Used to promote better sleep, and also as a pain reliever and natural treatment for diabetes. Helps increase the maximum saturation level of the CB1 receptor.


Aroma: Spice, black pepper

Benefits: Used to ease anxiety and depression. Acts like a cannabinoid by activating the CB2 receptor.

If you check out some of our CBD products, such as +CBD Oil, you’ll find terpene additives like cafe mocha, peppermint, and goji berry. CBD terpenes are often added in production, meaning they’re different from the naturally occurring terpenes that are already found in hemp and cannabis.

Most of the brands we carry, however, offer the naturally occurring terpenes such as the ones listed above. Note that terpenes are not psychoactive, though you may see them in marijuana products as well since, like with CBD, they increase the effectiveness of already present active ingredients.

CBD Terpene Benefits

CBD terpene benefits are threefold:

  • Terpenes add pleasing flavors to CBD
  • Terpenes help the body process CBD more efficiently
  • Terpenes bring additional therapeutic properties to CBD

Do you prefer CBD with fruity or mint flavors? You usually have CBD terpenes to thank for that. And as the above list demonstrates, terpenes already exist naturally in the cannabis plant—about 200 varieties of them, in fact. They’re responsible for the unique and identifiable smell of cannabis, and serve a biological role too, protecting the plant from predators like pests and fungi.

What are CBD terpenes used for?

Aside from imbuing CBD oils and edibles with great flavors and aromas, terpenes create an entourage effect, enhancing the way that the body processes CBD and heightening its effects. Think of them as a way to turn up the dial on the positive benefits that you already get from CBD and as a way to add in some additional benefits as well.

Where Can You Buy CBD Terpenes for Sale?

CBD terpenes are a rapidly growing sector of the CBD market! If you’re looking for leading CBD products with naturally occurring terpenes, then check out our selection. We’ve done our research to ensure that you are only buying the highest quality products available.

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