New Year, New Mercies, New Attitude!

Some 30 years ago, I lost touch with my nieces Kristine, Nancy and their mother, my sister-in-law, Peggy. Even though we were out of touch, I have prayed, almost daily, for them, asking God to watch over them and help me reconnect with them if He thought I should. A few weeks ago, Jay was shocked to see on Facebook, that Nancy had ALS and had set up a GoFundMe account to purchase equipment, have a ramp installed at their home, and help pay for lifesaving stem cell treatments. Many of the treatments she needs are not covered by insurance. We decided, that was God’s answer to my many years of prayer. The time was now and we needed each other.

Our hearts were heavy and we responded at once with a donation. Jay began researching CBD and ALS. He discovered that CBD could be helpful to ALS patients, and started her on a CBD regimen. We began shipping CBD to her, hoping to give her a better quality of life.

Nancy has had a very interesting life, touring as a backup singer for various artists. She has such a good attitude, getting up each day and fighting hard to improve her health. Kristine, is a Special Ed school teacher, but also takes care of their home, cooking and doing the many jobs that are necessary to keep a home humming. She could use some help also.

We’re all originally from small towns around Peoria, Illinois. They have lived in California for a number of years, and we have lived in Arizona for over fifty. Their father, my brother, Kenneth, passed away in l976. My memory of our times together, is how we were always making one another laugh. After all this time, our phone conversations are again punctuated with laughter and happy memories. Even though we are saddened by Nancy’s illness, she, along with all of us, are so happy to be reunited, that we are laughing through the tears.

Our friends, relatives, CBD and photography customers that come into our Store/Studio are all special to us. You are, and always will be in our prayers every day. We knew you would return the favor if we were ever in need. Well, now we are. Would you please go to Nancy’s GoFundMe account, donate what you wish and write her a loving and uplifting message! We ask for your prayers for Nancy and our family. Jay, Terilyn and Hildy THANK YOU!!

We wish our little family could be together and have an old fashioned Christmas like we did years ago. That is not possible at this time, because we need to keep the store open in case our customers need our help. One of these days we will have an “in-person” reunion. Won’t that be a kick! We’ll take pictures so you can have a laugh too. Us have pictures of our very own? The cobbler has no shoes and we usually have no pictures. Again, thank you for your generosity and prayers! 

Won't you please help Nancy? Click here to help, thank you.


HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Our hope for each of you is that you find peace and joy in this new year and that your path takes you where you want to go. The blessings that you have given Nancy and her family have filled their hearts with gratitude. It is difficult to find new ways or words with enough power to convey the hope and comfort that you have given them during this time.

Nancy, now, has a ramp which enables her to go in and out of the house without being carried. She is able to use her walker to get to the car and beyond. Nancy also has a new hospital bed. This has made a big difference as it had been very difficult for her to get comfortable in bed. She had also been unable to get in and out of bed on her own. There have also been some modifications to her home that allow her to move around safely. The ramp and the improvements to the house have given Nancy a much needed sense of independence, comfort and freedom. She is forever thankful for the opportunities that you have given her.

On 12/19/18, Nancy had her first embryonic stem cell treatment. The cells were transplanted into her spine by a neurologist in Los Angeles. There has been great success with this procedure. including complete reversal of the disease. This absolutely would not have happened without your donations. You all made this happen. But each treatment cost $9,000. Nancy will need at least three treatments,

NANCY NEEDS ANOTHER TREATMENT. The doctor is recommending that this be done in January. This is why we continue to ask for your help. Insurance does not cover any part of the procedure so Nancy is depending on your generosity to help her complete the treatment.