Miraculous Quick and Painless Recovery?

Hi, I’m Hildy and I write our blogs and articles each month. I was going to talk to you about the “garden time of the year” and how great eating organic and raising some of your own food can be. I will talk about that next month, but this time, let me tell you a personal story!

On February 16th, at about 6:00 pm, I was sitting at the counter in my kitchen when I decided I would like a cup of tea. (I could better understand my condition if I had been going for the vodka!) Off the stool and around the counter I went, but I cut the corner too short and hit the counter, which through me off balance and down I went. You know, ceramic tile doesn’t give a bit. So, I tried to scramble to me feet. Why is it, when we fall down, we’re so embarrassed we try to get up as quickly as possible before anyone can see us, even though no one is there to see?

With nothing to help me pull myself up, I scooted over to the sink and after several tries and no luck, I said, “Lord, you’re going to have to get me up off this floor.” So, I tried again and up I went. The phone on the wall was now within my labored reach.

I called Jay and Terilyn, my son and daughter-in-law, who had gone out for a late Valentine dinner. They came to my rescue at once and off to YRMC ER we went! I told them at the ER to hurry with the X-ray, ‘cause I wanted to go home. “Not so fast, Hildy, you have a cracked hip.” Surgery was the next day.

Back in my room after surgery, the nurse said, “What is your pain level?” Taking a quick inventory of my body, I said, “It’s a two.” She was amazed. On the third day, my pain level was a 0. Any discomfort I had was not from the surgery, but my muscle weakness due to lack of exercise and shall I say ---- age. I am 86. On the third day, I left the hospital for Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation Hospital. Things went so well there, I only had to stay one week.

What is the main reason for my miraculous quick and painless recovery? My opinion – hemp CBD. I take it every day. I have very few health issues but hemp CBD keeps me feeling good, alert, and going at top speed. It has been over four weeks since my surgery. Part of my in-home therapy is preparing two meals a day for the three of us. “Get me this and hand me that,” and the one legged chef can get the job done.

If you require hospitalization, YRMC is a great place to be. Should you be in need of rehabilitation, Mountain Valley Rehabilitation Center should be your destination. We are so lucky to have such fine establishments available to us in our time of need. The staff at both places is professional, cheerful, accommodating, and always quick to help you.

If you would like to give hemp CBD a try, come by our boutique shop, sit in the comfort of our living room. Jay and Terilyn will give you all the information necessary to help you decide if you want to be part of our family of “feel-good” people. You will be treated like royalty, our information is spot on and true, you may choose from our many product lines of organic hemp CBD, and our prices are right. You can’t beat that with a stick. See you there!