CBD Administration Methods, CBD-Infused Products, CBD Gum, CBD Edibles

CBD Administration Methods, CBD-Infused Products, CBD Gum, CBD Edibles

The Quick Guide to CBD Administration Methods

While it’s true that there is no single best way to take CBD, the more that you can understand about the various CBD administration methods the better you can deduce what the best way might be for you.

CBD as a chemical compound is the same regardless of how you consume it or apply it. But, the way that you use CBD has a direct impact on how your body absorbs it, how you experience it, and what benefits you may experience. So to help you make sense of it all, we’ve put together this helpful explainer on the different forms of administering CBD and the benefits that each one has. This should help you narrow in on what might be your perfect fit—or at least where you want to start.

The Boom in CBD-Infused Products

CBD has been around for decades, but you’re definitely not imagining things if you think there’s been a surge of interest—and new products—in the past several years.

As CBD has grown in popularity and acceptance, the market for safe, unique, and effective CBD products has grown as well. Today, you have a ton of different choices when it comes to what type of CBD you consume, and it’s important (albeit sometimes a little bit confusing) to figure out what will work best for your needs.

Some of the various forms of CBD that are available now include oils and tinctures, edibles, topicals, suppositories, gums, mints, concentrates, and vapes, and that’s not even everything. Having so many options is a bit of a double-edged sword for anyone who’s trying to narrow in on their ideal administration method though, and it also leaves you to wonder whether the effectiveness of these CBD products is the same across the board.

What You Should Know About Different Forms of CBD

There are a couple of key differentiations between the many CBD methods, but the main one for judging how effective a product will be is called bioavailability.

Bioavailability is the rate and degree to which CBD is absorbed in the body. The higher the bioavailability, the more CBD will make it into your system instead of being flushed out by your metabolism. And as you might have guessed, various methods of administration lead to various rates of bioavailability.

Here’s what to know about the benefits, side effects, and bioavailability of some of today’s most popular CBD consumption methods.

CBD Edibles & CBD Gum

This is definitely up there in terms of popularity, since edible CBD consumption is easy, convenient, and usually quite tasty. But bioavailability is often low, with your body only absorbing about 6% to 20% of the CBD you consume. This happens because orally consumed CBD has to pass through your digestive tract and metabolism, where it becomes naturally diluted.

Still, there are benefits. These forms of CBD are simple and enjoyable, and for new users, they offer a gradual introduction to this unique cannabinoid. As for side effects, there aren’t really any to worry about, since you’re unlikely to consume too much this way.

CBD Oils & Sprays

These types of CBD products are typically consumed sublingually, meaning they are applied under the tongue and held for about a minute before swallowing. As such, some of the CBD is absorbed through the mucus glands, thus bypassing the digestive system. You’ll get higher rates of bioavailability this way—about 12% to 35%.

Benefits of this method include convenience and discreteness, though a possible side-effect may be an aversion to the taste, which could make it difficult to hold under the tongue for so long.

CBD Concentrates & CBD Suppositories

These types of products run the gamut from CBD waxes and dabs to suppositories, a not super popular method but one that is quite effective. What puts them all under the same header is the fact that they have super high bioavailability, and thus may be the most impactful of all consumption methods.

Usually these types of CBD go to work faster and stay in your system longer, which is an obvious benefit. Side effects could include dizziness and nausea, since if you’re not used to consuming CBD it could be too much too fast. We recommend sticking with other methods and working your way up here if you choose.

What’s the Best Method For You?

That depends! Aside from the CBD products mentioned above, there are also other products that run the gamut from low to medium bioavailability (topicals) to high bioavailability (vapes). And as the leading company for CBD and hemp products, we’re happy to work with you to figure out what’s best.

Check out our product page to discover available options, and head to our blog for more information that can help you find your perfect pick.