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Pet Releaf Professional Liposomes 100 with Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil 100mg CBD 1oz

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Pet Releaf Professional Liposomes 100 with Wild AlaskanRed Pollock Oil 100mg CBD  1oz
(Fomally known as Liposomes 330, same product.)

Active Ingredient(s)

Organic full spectrum cannabinoids including naturally occurring CBD

Inactive Ingredient(s)

Purified Water, Sunflower Lecithin, Vegetable Glycerin, Xanthum Gum, Gum Arabic, Acacia Gum, Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil, Potassium Sorbate

Bottle Potency Composition

Each dropper 3.3mg Full Spectrum Active CBD

Each bottle contains 100mg Full Spectrum  Active CBD

About Pet Releaf Professional Liposome Hemp Oil 100 (for small to medium sized dogs and cats)

Pet Releaf Professional Liposome Hemp Oil 100 is a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that is Certified USDA Organic and extracted using a solvent-free super critical CO2 method. This product is perfect for small to medium sized dogs and cats experiencing more serve illness or injuries and require the use of food or a treat to take supplements. Daily usage should be administered directly on food.

It has no known contraindications and has no known negative side effects

About Pet Releaf Professional:

Pet Releaf Professional Liposome Hemp Oil 100 is an innovative technology that allows our Certified USDA Organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil to be administered directly on your pet’s food. Beyond convenient administration, it is 3x more bioavailable than our standard CBD hemp oils when administered on food, giving pet parents 3x more usage out of a single bottle. It is intended for those dogs and cats that need a higher potency product and require the use of food to take supplements.

At Pet Releaf, we control our entire manufacturing process, from seed to sale, from plant to pet. 100% of Pet Releaf’s hemp is grown at our joint-venture hemp farm located in eastern Colorado. It is the largest Certified USDA Organic hemp farm in the United States and we’re the only pet company they work with! We plant and harvest a specialized proprietary strain of hemp, PR-33, grown specifically with pets in mind. Since we extract a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 100 provides your pet with the multitude of health benefits associated with CBD while also providing the additional medicinal benefits associated with the over 100 other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found within PR-33.

Administration recommendations:

Liposome Hemp Oil 100 — 100mg Active CBD

Dog Weight                   Liposome Hemp Oil 100 Usage           Bottle Usage

1-25lbs                                  0.5 full dropper/day                           60 days

26-50lbs                                0.75 full dropper/day                         40 days

51-75lbs                                1 full dropper/day                               30 days

76-100lbs                              1.25 full droppers/day                       24 days

Cat Weight                   Liposome Hemp Oil 100 Usage            Bottle Usage

1-15lbs                                   0.25 full dropper/day                        120 days

Over 15lbs                            0.5 full dropper/day                           60 days                 

Split recommended usage between the AM/PM and administer directly on pet’s food!

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Written by Vickey Thompson on Jan 28th 2020

Pet relief Liposomes hemp oil 330

Great product. Has made a wonderful difference for my cat regarding his pain from arthritis. He is able to get around much better without being on pain medications. He has arthritis in his spine. He is also taking Cosequin with Boswella. I am very happy to no longer see him drag his back leg due to pain.

Written by Holly C. on Dec 9th 2019

This Stuff WORKS!

I have a senior dog who was getting arthritic and a senior cat with hyperthyroid who barely would eat. I started giving them this CBD oil and, in less than 24 hours, my dog was moving again like he did when he was much younger and my cat seems to be hungry ALL the time! This product has improved the quality of my babies' lives a lot. It is now part of our daily regimen. I highly recommend it to others. (Note: I did recommend it to a friend with a senior dog who was arthritic. She called to thank me and tell me what a difference it made to her dog... he's moving like he's 10 years younger. Definitely try it... your pets will thank you for it.)