CBD Edibles


CBD Edibles

Sticking to a supplement regimen can be challenging, especially when it’s strong tasting. Some people love the taste of hemp, while others need a strong flavored product to mask some of the earthy tones.  

CBD Edibles are one of the most crowd-pleasing forms of CBD. Their convenient and a great way to mask that Hempy taste. Edibles also take the guesswork out of serving size and dosage. Edibles are ready as you are…put a few in your backpack, golf bag, purse or great for working at home!

Choose from a variety of edibles, such as Endoca Gum (great Peppermint flavor), Medterra Gummies for sleep and calm and Plus CBD Oil Gummies too. Don’t forget our furry friends, with our PetReleaf Edibites Treats. All of our edibles are Organic, free from Pesticides and Herbicides, low in sugar, no fructose or Corn Syrup.