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Medterra Focus Gummies 30Ct 25mg

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Medterra Focus Gummies 30Ct 25mg

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A new and improved focus-enhancing formula of premium CBD and nourishing plant-derived compounds keeps you sharp all day long. We’ve optimized our Focus gummies to improve your attention span, naturally. Premium CBD combines with l-theanine for cognitive enhancement, while guarana, green tea and guarana-derived caffeine promote productivity throughout the day.

In addition to 25mg of CBD, we've added brain-boosting l-theanine (100mg) and an extra 10mg of green tea and guarana-derived caffeine for prolonged productivity.

Our new mess-free jar extends the shelf-life of your gummies to keep them tasting great and working exactly how they should.

A luscious Red Raspberry flavor transforms your daily dose into a tasty treat your tastebuds will love.

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