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+CBDPro Clinical Formula Tincture 500mg Peppermint


*You must order by phone or come by the store to purchase +proCBD Clinical products.

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+CBDPro Clinical Formula Tincture 500mg Peppermint

US Hemp Authority Certified trimus-hemp-authority-logo-e1543529483445-150x150.png

Clients favor +ProCBD Liquid pump for its palatable Peppermint flavor and rapid acting effects. Because +ProCBD Liquid pump can be measured with varied MG for a tailored fit just for you. You may titrate up as needed, until you find your desired dosage and achieve maximum benefits.

Nature Based solutions sustained by science that help transform your health and well being. Today is your day to a better quality of life.

US Hemp Authority Certified/Non-GMO/Gluten-Free/Third Party Tested/Non Intoxicating/No Pesticides, Microbes or Heavy Metals/Vegetarian

3 Pumps = 10mg CBD 1 Pump = 3.3mg

500mg 1 fluid oz/ 50 servings of 3 pumps

Start Low and Slow, Titrate up for best results


  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract/Full decarboxylated and distilled

  • Organic Extra Virgin olive Oil

  • Peppermint Oil

  • Monk Fruit Sweetener

  • Monolaurin (Boost immune,helps colds,flu,fatigue)

  • Quillaja (Tree bark-helps with common cold, cough)

  • Ascorbyl Palmitate (Fat soluble vitamin C, Preservative)

  • Alpha Tocopherol (Boosts immune, type of vitamin E, prevents cell damage caused by free radicals)

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