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Our bodies are like a Symphony and CBD enhances the Harmony of Life. CBD/CBG/THC blends oils are nutrient rich, non-psychotoxic, helps restore balance and homeostasis.


The Hemp derived Cannabidiol or CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids. Clinical research studies have shown evidence of helping with inflammation, anxiety,pain and much more.


Cannabigerol or CBG, also Hemp derived is a parent molecule and is considered the “Mother of all Cannabinoids.” Studies have connected CBG to positive benefits for cancer,calming effects and antibacterial properties particularly for MRSA.


Blends create the entourage effect where compounds interact synergistically, which may help the effects of CBD/CBG be stronger. Small amounts of THC gently stimulate the CB1 and CB2 receptors and have a wellness effect. Sensitivity to THC may vary considerably for each individual. For this reason, we recommend start low, go slow and pay attention to your body. Low-dose THC may improve quality of life without unwanted side effects. May help reduce anxiety, pain, sleep issues, inflammation and more.


There are many products to choose from, different flavors, strengths, some with droppers or pump and great tasting Gummies. All our products are traceable from seed to our store, Triple-lab tested, CO2 extracted, No pesticides or herbicides, No heavy metals, or solvents.

We guarantee quality, safety, and potency of our CBD/CBG/THC products.

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