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Topical Skin & Muscle CBD


Best CBD for Muscle Recovery: Explore Topical CBD Solutions
If you’re looking for the best CBD for muscle recovery and therapeutic relief, My Health Etc. has got you covered. Our topical CBD products work to target specific points of inflammation, and can help alleviate everyday stress, tension, minor burns, and a whole lot more.


Muscle aches and pains can be tedious and frustrating, no matter what causes them—whether it’s winding down our bodies after a long run, relieving the stress we put on our joints from sports, or even playing with the kids or grandchildren. Our CBD skin care products target these specific areas of pain and bring long-lasting relief. In addition, these topical CBD products are also an excellent solution for restless legs, inflammation, minor burns, and bug bites.


So how does the best CBD for muscle recovery impact our bodies’ ability to alleviate these pains and sores? When we put pressure on our joints, muscles, and tendons, we create microscopic tears in our muscles and the surrounding connective tissue. This soreness or burning sensation then comes from the body recovering and healing from these tears. CBD skin care products interact with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which in turn helps regulate the immune response to the muscle recovery process, thus providing much-needed relief.


Topical CBD Products

Browse the best CBD for muscle recovery below to find which product is the most optimal for you. We carry butters, salves, creams, roll-ons, and other topicals that each play an essential role in recovering.


For a Full Spectrum experience, try our 1500mg Endoca Whipped Oil Body Butter, or go smaller with our 750 mg Endoca Hemp Oil Salve and our 500mg RSHO Salve. These topical CBD products are applied directly to the area of discomfort and provide quick relief that will last all day.


For a more powerful punch, try our 1000mg +ProCBD Roll-On, which is super convenient to apply and dries quickly.

If you need THC free, consider our 750mg Medterra Cooling Cream. This CBD skin care product provides a cooling effect that then warms up for great relief from stress, tension, and soreness. It also features an easy pump for convenient application.


The Best CBD Skin Care at My Health Etc.

The best products require the best ingredients. That’s why at My Health Etc., our products never contain any pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, or extra ingredients and chemicals that your body doesn’t need. Our tinctures, topicals, and oils are all organic, lab-tested, and made with the industrie, most valued ingrediants. For information regarding our topical CBD products, contact us today.

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