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CBD Capsules/Softgels

Capsules / Softgels

Capsules or soft-gels are perhaps the easiest way to consume Cannabidiol/ CBD products, which makes them a valuable go-to-method. With added conveniences, such as; they are tasteless, odorless, great for travel or home. If privacy is an issue when your out at a cafe, public transport or at work, this is a wonderful option verses oils and gummies.

Capsules/soft-gels manage your daily serving size with little effort. We carry CBD potency from 10mg per serving up to 100mg. Each bottle comes with a specific number of capsules (anywhere from 30 to 60 capsules).

We carry full spectrum, Decarboxylated and Distilled/Filtered Gold. RSHO Brand also includes White Willow Bark (natural aspirin) and Turmeric for added relief. For Sleep we carry RSHO Sleep support with vitamin D,E, Melatonin , tryptophan,passion flower and Linalool (helps with relaxation) Medterra Good Night capsules are 25mg each also contains Melatonin, GABA,Passion flower and chamomile for that great night sleep!

Our Capsules and Softgels are Vegan, Triple lab tested, THC free and less than .03%THC, non-GMO, and US Hemp Authority Certified.

Capsules and soft-gels may stay in your system a little longer than a tincture being absorbed thru the stomach. Suggested serving is 1-3 per day.

Capsules / Softgels

These are dissolvable capsules that contain powdered hemp oil with high concentrations of CBD. CBD capsules are perhaps the easiest type of CBD product to use and come with a number of added conveniences. They are tasteless and odorless, and extremely easy to carry around.


Capsules also make it easy to keep track of your daily serving size. Each bottle comes with a specific number of capsules (anywhere from 30 to 60 capsules). CBD capsules offer you limited options when it comes to increasing your serving size or finding what is right for you. This means you’re limited to the capsule size to increase your serving amount. You can work around this limitation to a certain extent, by combining more than one CBD product to adjust your daily serving size. For example, you could use one capsule plus a concentrated CBD tincture to optimize your daily serving amount.

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