CBD Pet Treats, Pet Health CBD, NASC CBD

CBD Pet Treats, Pet Health CBD, NASC CBD

How to Choose the Best CBD Pet Treats

Any decision that you make for your pet’s health should be backed by research so that you know it’s safe, and that includes picking out the perfect CBD pet treats for your furry friends.

As you might expect, not all CBD products for pets are created equally. It’s important to know what you should look for, particularly when it comes to determining whether or not certain treats are going to be safe for your animal companion and if they offer the results that you’re looking for.

Pet Health + CBD: What are the Benefits?

CBD has become increasingly popular among pet parents. And, if you think that your own pet could benefit from CBD treats, there are lots of reasons to try it out.

CBD may be able to help your pet find relief from common ailments like joint pain, inflammation, seizures, or nausea, and it can also be instrumental in relieving anxiety—including situational anxiety from stressful occurrences like fireworks or thunderstorms.

While the reasons that you might seek out organic CBD oil for dogs and cats varies, the things that you should look for are the same. Here’s what you should know:

The Importance of an NASC CBD Quality Seal

One of the quickest ways to tell whether a certain CBD product is high quality enough for your furry friend is to look for a quality seal from the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).

The NASC is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting the health of companion animals. When you see an NASC Quality Seal on a CBD product, you’ll know that the company that makes it has adhered to rigorous standards in production and testing, both of which are integral to ensuring a safe CBD product.

Other guarantees that you get from an NASC Quality Seal include assurance that the company has a system in place for monitoring and evaluating their products in real time (for instance, if there is a customer complaint), and that they’ve agreed to submit to random testing from third-party labs to verify that their product contains what it says it contains. Products with an NASC Seal also must be extremely strict with their labeling.

So what else should you look for when determining if a CBD product is safe for your pet? While we always recommend sticking to products with an NASC Quality Seal, other factors to consider include the ingredients themselves (organic, USA-sourced products are best) as well as transparency. The company should be open and honest about how they make their product and what testing it undergoes, and should have a process in place for direct communications.

Why We Love (and Trust) Pet Releaf CBD Treats

 At My Health Etc., we’re huge fans of Pet Releaf CBD treats—and for good reason.

We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to. Pet Releaf CBD soft chews for dogs, as well as their other products for cats and horses, aren’t just the highest in quality—they’re also US HEMP Authority Certified and NASC Quality Seal approved. That means that you get peace of mind that the product you’re giving your pet is safe, and that what you see on the label is what you’re actually getting.

We’re committed to bringing you (and your pets!) clean and high quality CBD products. For more information on the benefits of CBD for pets and people, explore our website or reach out to us directly. We’re always glad to answer any questions that you might have, especially when it comes to choosing the safest and most effective CBD products for yourself and your loved ones.

There are so many great reasons to consider CBD for your pet. Try Pet Releaf with your animal companion today and discover the difference that quality can make.